8th Annual CSF Marathon Recap

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

- August 29th, Purchase, NY

The Caddie Scholarship Fund hosted its 8th Annual Golf Marathon.  45 players, including CSF Alumni and representatives from 14 clubs tested their resolve as they spent the day at Brae Burn Country Club, playing as many holes as they could.  We have raised over $85,000 for scholarships!  Money was raised for the CSF by participants getting a flat donation for the day, or $/per hole pledges.  Individuals and teams spent 9 hours in the hot sun, and were determined to set a record for holes played.  At the end of the day, 3,056 holes were completed, (besting last years total of 2,640).

A special shoutout goes to Brian McNamara (Knollwood) who lead the field by playing 109 holes.  There were 11 participants in total who played 100 or more holes:

109 - Brian McNamara (Knollwood) 102 - Alex Wynn (Greenwich)
103 - Carlton Carnegie (Elmwood) 101 - Parker Brandt (Apawamis)
103 - Benjamin Kim (Elmwood) 100 - Manny Cervantes (Greenwich)
103 - Joe Reagan (Elmwood) 100 - Gerardo Garcia (Greenwich)
103 - Richard Clark (Elmwood) 100 - Jeff Wattles (Greenwich)
102 - Luke Chavez (Greenwich)  


Also, a special shoutout to Kyle Sedlacek, and the rest of Team Sunningdale, who seem to have locked up the top spot as Leading Fundraisers once again!  We will continue to update the totals as donations continue to roll in.  If you haven't had the chance to support your team, please do so below.


Final Results (Scoreboard PDF)


Thank you to all of the participants and for your continued support of the Caddie Scholarship Fund!

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