The WGA Caddie Scholarship Fund is determined to increase and improve our alumni network. 2017 is the induction of many new alumni programs such as “The Caddie Shack,” a scholar-to-scholar online message board to offer/ask advice from your fellow caddie scholars about school, jobs, or to just to talk about golf.


How you can make a difference as alumni:

  • Become a participant in our annual Golf Marathon. Raise pledges for you and your team. Each hole you play on the day of the marathon can make a difference.
  • Make your yearly contribution to the fund.
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Play in or sponsor a young alumni (1-5 years out of college) for the Alumni Reunion Golf Outing.

Once a Caddie Scholar, always a Caddie Scholar.



We love to hear what you are up to and share your news with your clubs and fellow caddies. We especially appreciate graduation and other photos.
Provide us with an updated email at the bottom of this page. "Join our Email List"
If you have any interest in getting involved as an alumni, please contact Ryan Kuschman at


Conor McGovern '15, Syracuse University